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with_model dynamically builds an ActiveRecord model (with table) within an RSpec context. Outside of the context, the model is no longer present.


Install as usual:

gem install with_model

Then in your spec_helper.rb:

ruby RSpec.configure do |config| config.extend WithModel end


In an RSpec example group, call with_model and inside its block pass it a table block and a model block.

```ruby require ‘spec_helper’

describe “A blog post” do with_model :BlogPost do # The table block works just like a migration. table do |t| t.string :title t.timestamps end

# The model block works just like the class definition.
model do
  include SomeModule
  has_many :comments
  validates_presence_of :title

  def self.some_class_method

  def some_instance_method
end   end

# with_model classes can have associations. with_model :Comment do table do |t| t.string :text t.belongs_to :blog_post t.timestamps end

model do
  belongs_to :blog_post
end   end

it “can be accessed as a constant” do BlogPost.should be end

it “has the module” do BlogPost.include?(SomeModule).should be_true end

it “has the class method” do BlogPost.some_class_method.should == ‘chunky’ end

it “has the instance method” do BlogPost.new.some_instance_method.should == ‘bacon’ end

it “can do all the things a regular model can” do record = BlogPost.new record.should_not be_valid record.title = “foo” record.should be_valid record.save.should be_true record.reload.should == record record.comments.create!(:text => “Lorem ipsum”) record.comments.count.should == 1 end end

describe “another example group” do it “should not have the constant anymore” do defined?(BlogPost).should be_false end end

describe “with table options” do with_model :WithOptions do table :id => false do |t| t.string ‘foo’ t.timestamps end end

it “should respect the additional options” do WithOptions.columns.map(&:name).should_not include(“id”) end end ```


  • RSpec 2.11 or higher (for earlier RSpec versions, use 0.2.x)
  • ActiveRecord 3 (for ActiveRecord 2, use 0.2.x)


Copyright © 2010-2013 Case Commons, LLC. Licensed under the MIT license, available in the “LICENSE” file.