This is Laika, an open source electronic health record (EHR) testing framework.

Laika is an web based testing suite for systems that interact with HITSP C32 documents. Laika can generate a C32 document based on information specified through a web interface. C32 documents can also be uploaded to Laika to ensure their adherence to HITSP and HL7 standards (via XML Schema and Schematron). Laika can also examine the content of uploaded documents to verify the correctness and completeness of the clinical data being transmitted.

The target platform is JRuby on Rails, running under Glassfish.

Running the Test Suite

Make sure your CLASSPATH variable is set:

$ source bin/

To run the spec suite:

$ jruby -S rake spec

To run the selenium test suite (the app server must be running in test mode at port 4000):

$ jruby -S rake selenium:test

Generating Documentation

You can generate the complete documentation for the Laika source using the YARD documentation tool. You don't need to use JRuby to do this:

$ sudo gem install yard
$ yardoc
$ open doc/index.html

Additional Dependencies

For complete validation functionality the UMLS database (including SNOMED) is required, see

ATNA syslog server Two implementations of syslog are available in this package: CCHIT currently uses the BSD version of syslog when deploying to official testing and the instances.

A README.TXT file is included in the package outlining the installation procedure.


The source repository is hosted on GitHub:

The project page is hosted on SourceForge: