Auto 4

A modern, simple, extensible multi-protocol bot, reloaded.

Version: 4.0.0.alpha.1 "Phoenix"
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Documentation is available for the latest git, and this release.

Our official IRC channel is #auto on


Auto is automated chat bot software, developed per this philosophy:

  • Friendly to users, and to developers.
  • Simple, smart, and clean.
  • Minimal but extensible.


Please read the Auto Handbook.

Compiling from source:

$ git clone git:// auto
$ cd auto/

Use a specific version:

$ git checkout v4.0.0.alpha.1

Or the cutting-edge HEAD:

$ git checkout master
$ bundle install
$ rake build


If you should find yourself in need of support, please foremost consult with the documentation on the wiki.

If the wiki fails to address your needs, please either:

  1. Post to the autobot-talk group under the support category, or
  2. Join the official IRC chatroom at #auto on

Bugs should be reported on the issue management hub.


Auto 4 was rewritten from scratch by Autumn Perrault (noxgirl) in Ruby and C, and is actively developed by the Auto Project.


Copyright (c) 2009-2013, Autumn Perrault, et al. All rights reserved.

Auto is free, open-source software, distributed per the terms of the two-clause ("FreeBSD") license, the full terms of which are in LICENSE.