better_form Readme

A Rails 3 gem to build DRY forms with Javascript validation.

  • Javascript validates form fields as they are completed, using your ActiveModel validators
  • Well-placed validation output
  • Automatic label generation
  • Form field descriptions


Installation and Usage

Add better_form to your Gemfile:

gem 'better_form'

And run the usual bundle install.

Use the better_form_for method to create a better form:

= better_form_for @user do |f|

Create fields using the usual Rails methods:

= f.text_field :name
= f.email_field :email
= f.password_field :password


Fields will automatically have labels generated for them, with the label text defaulting to the attribute that the field is for:

= f.text_field :name

<label for='user_name'>Name</label>
<input type='text' id='user_name' name='user[name]' />

To specify your own label text, pass a string as the :label option:

= f.text_field :name, :label => "What shall we call you?"

<label for='user_name'>What shall we call you?</label>
<input type='text' id='user_name' name='user[name]' />

To skip label generation for a specific field, pass false as the :label option:

= f.text_field :name, :label => false

<input type='text' id='user_name' name='user[name]' />

You can set the default for the entire form in the same way. Field-level :label options will override the default value. For example:

# Don't generate labels for this form, unless instructed to for a specific field
= better_form_for @user, :label => false do |f|
  = f.text_field :name
  = f.email_field :email, :label => true
  = f.password_field :password, :label => 'Pick a strong password'

<input type='text' id='user_name' name='user[name]' />

<label for='user_email'>Email</label>
<input type='email' id='user_email' name='user[email]' />

<label for='user_password'>Pick a strong password</label>
<input type='password' id='user_password' name='user[password]' />


Fields will automatically have validation data generated for them using the validations defined in your models:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates :name, :presence => true

= f.text_field :name

<label for='user_name'>What shall we call you?</label>
<input type='text' id='user_name' name='user[name]' data-validates-presence="Name is required" />

Setting a custom error message will be reflected in the validation that is generated:

validates :name, :presence => { :message => 'Please enter your full name' }

<input type='text' id='user_name' name='user[name]' data-validates-presence="Please enter your full name" />