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A Best-of-Breed Version Class Library

The Versus gem is a best-of-breed Version class library, providing classes for a number of version related requirements, form Version::Number to Version::Resolution.


The primary class of the Versus gem is the Version::Number class. It does exactly what one would expect, by taking a version literal and giving it a versitle interface to query and manipulate.

    v = Version::Number.new('1.2.0')
    v.major  #=> 1
    v.minor  #=> 2
    v.patch  #=> 0


Versus uses QED to provided tested demonstrations. This provides a end-user acceptance testing while also providing very readable documentation.

For API documentation checkout the YARD generated docs at RubyDoc.Info.


Versus is copyrighted open source software.

Copyright 2011 Rubyworks

Versus can be modified and redistributed in accordance with the BSD-2-Clause License.