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Thinreports is an open source report generating tool for Ruby.

  • Thinreports Editor (GUI Designer)
  • Thinreports Generator (Report Generator for Ruby)

Getting Started

Supported versions

  • Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2
  • JRuby 1.7.0+ (1.9 mode)

Quick Reference

NOTE: You need to create a layout file .tlf using Thinreports Editor.

Basic Objects and Basic Usage

```ruby require ‘thinreports’

report = layout: ‘report.tlf’

report.start_new_page do item(:title).value(‘Thinreports’) end

report.start_new_page do |page| # Item Finder page.item(:item_id) # => Item object page[:item_id] # => Item object

# Text block page.item(:text_block).value(‘Pure Ruby’) page.item(:text_block).value = ‘Pure Ruby’ page[:text_block] = ‘Pure Ruby’ page.item(‘text_block’).set(‘value’, color: ‘#0000ff’) page.item(:text_block).format_enabled(false)

# Image block page.item(:image_block).src(‘/path/to/image.png’) page.item(:image_block).src = ‘/path/to/image.png’ page[:image_block] = ‘/path/to/image.png’ require ‘open-uri’ page.item(:image_block).src(open(‘’))

# Attributes page.item(:any).hide page.item(:any).show page.item(:any).visible(true) page.item(:any).visible? # => true page.item(:any).id # => “any”

# Styles page.item(:text).style(:color, ‘red’) page.item(:text).style(:bold, true) page.item(:text).style(:italic, true) page.item(:text).style(:linethrough, true) page.item(:text).style(:underline, true) page.item(:text).style(:font_size, 20)

page.item(:text).style(:align, :left or :center or :right) page.item(:text).style(:valign, :top or :center or :bottom)

page.item(:rectangle).style(:border_color, ‘#ff0000’) .style(:border_width, 1) .style(:fill_color, ‘#ffffff’)

# Bulk setting of styles page.item(:text).styles(color: ‘#00000’, align: :right)

# Bulk setting of values page.values text_block_a: ‘value’, text_block_b: ‘value’

# Helpers page.item_exists?(:existing_id) # => true page.item_exists?(‘existing_id’) # => true page.item_exists?(:unknown_id) # => false end

report.generate(filename: ‘report.pdf’) ```

ruby Thinreports::Report.generate(filename: 'report.pdf', layout: 'report.tlf') do |report| report.start_new_page do |page| # : end end

Report and Page

```ruby report = layout: ‘foo.tlf’

3.times { report.start_new_page }

Returns all pages

report.pages # => [, , ] # Returns number of pages report.page_count # => 3

Add a blank page


report.pages.last # => Report::BlankPage ```

Using multiple layouts

```ruby report =

report.use_layout ‘/path/to/default.tlf’, default: true report.use_layout ‘/path/to/other1.tlf’, id: :other

report.start_new_page do |page| # use ‘/path/to/default.tlf’ layout end

report.start_new_page layout: :other do |page| # use ‘/path/to/other1.tlf’ layout end

report.start_new_page layout: ‘/path/to/other2.tlf’ do |page| # use ‘/path/to/other2.tlf’ layout end ```


```ruby report = layout: ‘foo.tlf’

It will be called before finalizing each page

report.on_page_create do |page| page.item(:text).value(‘Text for all pages’) end ```

See also examples/report_callbacks.


```ruby report = layout: ‘list.tlf’

report.list.header do |header| header.item(:text_block).value(‘Title’) end

10.times do |n| report.list.add_row do |row| row.item(:text_block).value(n) end end

report.generate(filename: ‘list.pdf’) ```

```ruby report = layout: ‘list_with_footer.tlf’

report.list do |list| total_price = 0 price_per_page = 0

list.on_page_finalize do total_price += price_per_page price_per_page = 0 end

list.on_page_footer_insert do |footer| footer.values price: price_per_page end

list.on_footer_insert do |footer| footer.item(:price).value(total_price) end

[100, 200, 300].each do |price| list.add_row do |row| row[:price] = price end price_per_page += price end end ```

See also examples/list_events.

Page Number

```ruby # Setting starting number of page report.start_page_number_from 5

Setting whether to count new page

report.start_new_page count: true # default report.start_new_page count: false

Change styles

report.start_new_page do |page| page.item(:pageno).hide page.item(:pageno).show page.item(:pageno).visible(false) page.item(:pageno).styles(color: ‘red’, bold: true) end ```

See also examples/page_number and examples/list_page_number.

Configuring fallback fonts

```ruby Thinreports.configure do |config| config.fallback_fonts = ‘/path/to/fallback.ttf’ end

Thinreports.config.fallback_fonts = [‘/path/to/font_a.ttf’, ‘/path/to/font_b.ttf’] ```

See also examples/eudc.


Features of Editor is here.

Easy to generate PDF

Design layout using Editor, then embed values to text field in layout.

Simple runtime environment

Ruby, RubyGems, Prawn and Generator.

Dynamic operation

Generator can dynamically:

  • change value of TextBlock and ImageBlock
  • change style (border, fill, visibility, position, color, font) of Shape


  • External characters (Gaiji) for Japanese


Report bug, post your suggestion

If you find bugs or improvements for the Editor, please report it here.

Sending a Pull Request

  1. Fork it
  2. Clone your forked repository
  3. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  4. Fix your feature
  5. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Fixed some bugs or features'
  6. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  7. Create new Pull Request


Thinreports Generator is licensed under the MIT-License.

© 2010-2015 Matsukei Co.,Ltd.