Command line YUM repository browser/agregattor.


  • Digs YUM repositories to search for RPM packages
  • Multiple repositories supported
  • Most used Fedora/RHEL repositories included (Fedora, CentOS, EPEL, Fusion, Repoforge, PowerStack, RBEL, ...)


  • Fedora/RHEL

    yum install ruby-devel make gcc gcc-c++ rubygems libxml2-devel libxslt-devel git gem install tentacle


Print help

tentacle --help

List available repos*

tentacle available-repos

Basic search

tentacle search ruby

Searches for package names matching ruby. Regexp may be used. Package name search is case insensitive

Regexp search

tentacle search ^ruby-1.8.7

Searches for package names matching ^ruby-1.8.7

Distro class search

tentacle search --distro-class rhel-5 ruby

Search for ruby packages in RHEL5 compatible repositories

Repo search

tentacle search --repo-id rbel5-x86_64 ruby

Search for ruby packages in RBEL 5 repository. The list of available repo-ids is displayed with 'tentacle available-repos'

Search only SRPMS

tentacle search --source ruby-1.9

Search for Source RPMS matching ruby-1.9

List repo packages

tentacle search --repo-id rbel5-src

Omitting the package name, tentacle lists all the packages in the rbel5-src repository


Copyright (c) 2011 Sergio Rubio. See LICENSE.txt for further details.