Tangerine is a gem that uses ActiveResource to wrap the Ooyala API. Currently in its infancy, so YMMV.


gem install tangerine

Tangerine on RubyGems


The following is only a proposed usage -- most of this is not yet implemented since the gem is still in development:

Authorization with your Ooyala Account

You can find your Partner and Secret codes under the Developers area of the Backlot Account tab.

OOYALA_CREDENTIALS = { :pcode => , :signature => } tangerine_client = Tangerine::Backlot.new(OOYALA_CREDENTIALS)


tangerine_client.query(:status => 'live')

  • TODO: Make certain queries a bit more like a DSL (eg: tangerine_client.live instead of tangerine_client.query(:status => 'live'))

Ooyala Backlot Query API


Feature pending.

Ooyala Backlot Thumbnail Query API

Attribute Updates

Feature pending.

Ooyala Backlot Attribute Update API

Custom Metadata

Feature pending.

Ooyala Custom Metadata API

Label Management

Feature pending.

Ooyala Label Management API

Player Management

Feature pending.

Ooyala Player Management API


Feature pending.

Ooyala Channel API

Channel Set

Feature pending.

Ooyala Channel Set API

Dynamic Channel

Feature pending.

Ooyala Dynamic Channel API

High Performance

Feature pending.

Ooyala High Performance API


The gem has an .rvmrc file, and is currently associated with ree 1.8.7 with its own RVM gemset.

If you don't have 'rvm_install_on_use_flag' turned on in your system/user .rvmrc file, just add the proper ree and gemset when prompted after cd'ing into the project.

GitHub Repository


Copyright (c) 2011 Anthony Navarre. Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for further details.