smagacor - a collection of small games in ruby

Copyright (C) 2004 Thomas Leitner


Smagacor is a collection of some small games. It provides a simple and clean interface for using the games. Some included games are, for example, TicTacToe and Pong.

However, Smagacor is also an application framework, providing some useful classes for games, like an undo mechanism and a unified way to save the state of a game. If you want to implement a game, have a look at the API documentation and read through the source codes of the included games!




$ ruby setup.rb config
$ ruby setup.rb setup
$ ruby setup.rb install

Or you could use Rake and substitute the above commands with this:

$ rake install

Or you could use the “GEM way”:

$ gem install smagacor

Or the RPA way:

$ rpa install smagacor


The documentation for Smagacor is in the doc subdirectory. It can be viewed as it is, but it is easier to read by converting it to HTML. This can be done using webgen (

$ rake doc

Actually, the built HTML documentation is the same as on So, if you do not want to convert the raw documentation yourself, you can view HTML documentation online!


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