Ruku is a Roku™ set-top box remote control, with command line and web interfaces


gem install ruku


The following launches the web interface. See it at localhost:3030

ruku --web

You can use this to scan for or add boxes and start controlling them. I recommend using the keyboard (super snappy controlling!). Arrow keys (and vi directional keys) work, Space plays and pauses, Enter selects, and Esc is home.

You can also just use the command line. Ruku needs to know about your Roku box(es). If you haven't added any boxes with the web interface, try:

ruku scan

This will try to scan your network to find boxes. Read on below if it didn't. Assuming you have a least one box set up, you can start sending commands.

ruku pause   # Play/pause
ruku left
ruku up
ruku select
ruku fwd     # Fast forward
ruku back    # Rewind

Known commands are: up down left right select home fwd back pause

Making an alias for 'ruku pause' is nice for quick pause/play while computing.

If scanning doesn't work for adding boxes then you'll have to figure out what the IP of the box is - it's available in Settings -> Player Info on the box. Then add it manually:

ruku add IP

Any method of adding boxes creates a '.ruku-boxes' file in your $HOME directory that contains an IP or hostname per line (followed optionally by a colon and a nickname for that box). You can edit or create this yourself. You can see all known boxes with:

ruku list

For more help:

ruku --help


Source Repository

Git clone URL is

  • git://

Issues and Bug Reports

You can open issues at Github

Or you can send me an email:


Roku and the Roku logo are trademarks of Roku Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Ruku is not made, supported, or endorsed by Roku Inc.


Ruku is MIT licensed.

:include: MIT-LICENSE

Other stuff


Aaron Royer <>


Ruby 1.8.6 or later


Copyright 2010-2011 by Aaron Royer MIT licensed - see the MIT-LICENSE file included in the distribution


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