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Well, isn’t that special.

RSpecial is an BRASS-compliant assertions framework. It defines the RSpec’s expect and should handlers and a set of RSpec-compatible matchers allowing developers to change test frameworks without having to change a slew of previously defined assertions.

RSpecial utilizes the Assay assertions meta-framework on the back-end. Assay defines assertions in the same way that Ruby defines exceptions. An assertion is nothing more that an extended Exception class. Assay provides a complete set of these assertion classes for all common assertion needs.


To install with RubyGems simply open a console and type:

$ gem install rspecial

Old-school site installations via a tarball can be done with Ruby Setup (gem install setup).

Basic Usage

To use RSpecial, simply require the rspecial script, and include the RSpecial::Matchers or Test::Matchers mixin module into your test framework wherever it requires it (which may be as simple as the top-level namespace).

require 'rspecial'

include RSpecial::Matchers

Or more generically,

include Test::Matchers

Now assertions can be made just as if you were using RSpec.

expect(10).to be_kind_of(Integer)

and the traditional way

10.should be_kind_of(Integer)


Compatibility with RSpec is not 100%, but it is close. Compatibility will improve with future releases.

Also error messages aren’t always as nice, nor always customizable, as they are in RSpec. This too will improve with future releases.

Please feel obligated to submit a patch if you need a missing a feature ;-)


RSpecial is copyright open source software

Copyright (c) 2012 Rubyworks

This program is distributed under the terms of the BSD-2-Clause license.

See LICENSE.txt file for details.