Notification system for windows. Trying to be Growl. Ruby wrapper around notifu (http://www.paralint.com/projects/notifu/index.html)

There are three possible alternatives to Growl on windows:


require 'rb-notifu'

Notifu::show :message => "test", :type => :warn do |status|
  p Notifu::ERRORS.include? status

sleep 1.5

Available options

:type     The type of message to display values are:
            info   The message is an informational message
            warn   The message is an warning message
            error  The message is an error message
:time  The number of milliseconds to display (omit or 0 for infinit)
:title    The title (or prompt) of the ballon
:message  The message text
:icon     Specify an icon to use ("parent" uses the icon of the parent process)
:baloon   Enable ballon tips in the registry (for this user only)
:nosound  Do not play a sound when the tooltip is displayed
:noquiet  Show the tooltip even if the user is in the quiet period that follows his very first login (Windows 7 and up)
:xp       Use IUserNotification interface event when IUserNotification2 is available


  • Use FFI instead of embedded executable file