Rack::GeoIPCountry uses the geoip gem and the GeoIP database to lookup the country of a request by its IP address

The database can be downloaded from:



use Rack::GeoIPCountry, :db => "path/to/GeoIP.dat"

By default all requests are looked up and the X_GEOIP_* headers are added to the request The headers can then be read in the application. The country name is added to the request header as X_GEOIP_COUNTRY, eg: X_GEOIP_COUNTRY: United Kingdom

The full set of GEOIP request headers is below:

  • X_GEOIP_COUNTRY_ID - The GeoIP country-ID as an integer, if not found set to 0
  • X_GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE - The ISO3166-1 two-character country code, if not found set to --
  • X_GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE3 - The ISO3166-2 three-character country code, if not found set to --
  • X_GEOIP_COUNTRY - The ISO3166 English-language name of the country, if not found set to N/A
  • X_GEOIP_CONTINENT - The two-character continent code, if not found set to --

You can use the included Mapping class to trigger lookup only for certain requests by specifying matching path prefix in options, eg:

use Rack::GeoIPCountry::Mapping, :prefix => '/video_tracking'

The above will lookup IP addresses only for requests matching /video_tracking etc.


MIT License - Karol Hosiawa ( http://twitter.com/hosiawak )