The easy Capistrano deploy and configuration manager.

Pulsar allows you to run capistrano tasks via a separate repository where all your deploy configurations are stored. Once you have your own repository, you can gradully add configurations and recipes so that you never have to duplicate code again.

The way Pulsar works means that you can deploy without actually having the application on your local machine (and neither have all your application dependencies installed). This lets you integrate Pulsar with nearly any deploy strategy you can think of.

Some of the benefits of using Pulsar:

  • No capistrano configurations in the application code
  • No need to have the application locally to deploy
  • Every recipe can be shared between all applications
  • Can easily be integrated with other tools
  • Write the least possible code to deploy

Capistrano support

This version of Pulsar, version 1.0.0 only supports Capistrano v3. If you're looking for Capistrano v2 support you can use Pulsar version 0.3.5 but, take care, that version is not maintained anymore.