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gem 'prawn-rails'

Note: prawn and prawn-table are dependencies of prawn-rails so there is no need to mention it in the projects Gemfile unless you want to use a specific version of either of those libraries.


Create a view with pdf as format and prawn as handler so filename should look like example.pdf.prawn

It provides a helper called prawn_document which builds a PrawnRails::Document with default options. You can override any options as you please. Example:

prawn_document do |pdf|
  pdf.text "Hello World"

No need to call pdf.render, it is called by prawn_document

If you want to customize the name of the file should a user try to save it, you can specify the filename in your action:

def show
  @filename = 'my_report.pdf'

Built-in Helpers

  • html_strip(html): Removes the html tags from a string

Default configuration

Add a prawn-rails.rb config to your Rails app under config/initializers like this

PrawnRails.config do |config|
  config.page_layout = :portrait
  config.page_size   = "A4"
  config.skip_page_creation = false

Please note that these are the defaults.

For a list of all available options:

For a list of all metadata the the :info option supports, please see

If skip_page_creation is set to true then you have to create the first page yourself. Example:

# OR
pdf.start_new_page size: "A4", page_layout: :portrait


  1. Hello World
# hello.pdf.prawn

prawn_document do |pdf|
  pdf.text 'Hello World!'
  1. ** Using Active Record **
# myproducts.pdf.prawn

prawn_document do |pdf|
  pdf.text 'Current Products are:'
  pdf.move_down 20
  pdf.table @products.collect{|p| [,p.price]}
  1. ** Using Custom options **
# landscape.pdf.prawn

prawn_document(page_layout: :landscape) do |pdf|
  pdf.text 'Landscape Page!'


Created by Carlos Ortiz - @cortiz

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Maintained by Weston Ganger - @westonganger

Special thanks to @rwilliams, @sigmike, @smber1, @iffyuva