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Polemic is comments engine for Rails app. It:

  • provides has_polemic method to any model
  • use User model as commentator
  • provides polemic_for @your_object helper to display the object comments in views.

Requirements and recommendations

Polemic requires Rails 3.x and Devise for user identification (surely, comments are not possible without users). This version of the gem is tested only with MRI 1.8.7, MRI 1.9.3, and REE.

Remember that unfortunately, Polemic reserves Comment for resource name.


  1. Run rails g polemic:install and rake db:migrate
  2. Add has_polemic to your model, for example Post
  3. Add <%= polemic_for @your_object %> to the show template, for example: <%= polemic_for @post %> to app/views/posts/show.html.erb for Post resource.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

In CanCan is enabled in your project, you will have to add some abilities for creating Comments, for example:

can [:create, :read], Comment

If you have no CanCan, Polemic will not use authorize_resource in CommentsController. You can use hint from Devise Wiki to directly convert Polemic ERB views to HAML.

Themes and views

Polemic supports theming and usage of custom views. Firstly, you should copy default views with generator: rails generate polemic:views

Then, you will have polemic views in app/views/polemic/default. Rename default directory to according model or controller name, for example posts. Don't forget to replace paths in _comments.html.erb view: polemic/default/ => polemic/posts/

Also, you should specify the theme as param for polemic_for helper in the commentable object views:

polemic_for(@post, :theme => "posts")


  • Add RSpec tests
  • Add Faye support
  • Do not hardcode User model as a commentator


Feel free for pull requests!