ActiveRecord and LDAP interoperability support library. It is called PassiveLDAP, because the programmer has to define which attributes s/he will need, and what their type is. After that however the library works as an active way by mapping objects between ruby/rails and the LDAP server.

The library is currently used internally in an Active Directory environment, but should work using other LDAP servers too. The User class is a real-life example based on this environment.

Homepage: Copyright: (C) 2008 by Zsolt Sz. Sztup?k


Please read the LICENCE and COPYING files for licensing restrictions on this library. In the simplest terms, this library is available under the same terms as Ruby itself.


Requires Net::LDAP (0.0.4), ActiveRecord (2.0.2) and ActiveSupport (2.0.2)


Check PassiveLDAP for documentation and the User class for an example use.


See ChangeLog


To run them check their readme