by Lin Jen-Shin (godfat)



nr --net received-- The other side of nc.

Run the server with nr and client with echo 'test' | nc localhost 12344.



gem install nr


> nr -h
Usage: nr HOST PORT
  -o, --host HOST  HOST it is listening to (default:
  -p, --port PORT  PORT it is bound     to (default: 12344)
  -h, --help       Print this message
  -v, --version    Print the version

Run the server with nr and client with echo 'test' | nc localhost 12344.

  • Step 1:

    nr Listening on

  • Step 2:

    echo 'test' | nc localhost 12344

  • Step 3: You'll see test printed from nr.

Or with different port:

> nr 9090
Listening on

How Is This useful?

I often need to edit my source on my Mac with GUI editor and then apply it on my Linux in order to run it. I'll do this on my Linux:

nr | git apply

And do this on my Mac:

git diff | nc my-linux 12344

This is much more pleasant than doing this:

git diff | pbcopy

and then manually paste to my Linux since my terminal might not do the right job sometimes with large portion of codes. Using pure network with nr and nc is much more reliable.


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