Official Documentation

Motr is a basic Rails engine which adds additional functionality to your applications, and creates the ability to “mod” models and classes easily to support routine functionality. The core Motr engine provides a number of helpers and functionality geared towards bringing the ease of Rails back-end development, to the front-end. It also implements a “modding” system to support easily adding data functionality to classes/models.

Rails view helpers and form builders are convenient an easy to use, however some aren't very design/html friendly (whose idea was it to wrap fields with errors in a div?). The goal is to keep html valid and sensible where possible, and make things like javascript integration easier and more efficient.

Additional documentation will be provided shortly, as a few final methods are added. For now check out the documentation provided at


Motr is maintained and funded by kurb media, and was designed for our own internal use, so (like Rails itself), it is opinionated in how it works. However, additions / enhancements / alternative methods are more than welcome and encouraged. We also welcome feature requests, especially from designers/front-end developers who spend a lot of time working along-side Rails developers.


Thanks to José Valim and Devise which inspired the “modding” concept.


Motr is Copyright © 2010-2011 kurb media, llc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the MIT-LICENSE file. Donations in the form of beer, cash, or 1980's movie memorabilia are welcomed (and encouraged!).