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A library for storing encrypted data in Mongo using Mongoid. We looked at a few alternatives, but wanted something that stored the values securely and unobtrusively.

Mongoid 3 supports custom types that need to only provide a simple interface - allowing us to extend core Ruby types to secure any type while providing a clean interface for developers.

Queries encrypt data before searching the database, so equality matches work automatically.


  • >= Ruby 1.9.3
  • >= Mongoid 3.0
  • "Bring your own" encryption, see below


gem 'mongoid-encrypted-fields'


  • Configure the cipher to be used for encrypting field values:

    GibberishCipher can be found in examples - uses the Gibberish gem: Ruby Mongoid::EncryptedFields.cipher =['MY_PASSWORD'], ENV['MY_SALT'])

  • Use encrypted types for fields in your models: ```Ruby class Person include Mongoid::Document

    field :name, type: String
    field :ssn, type: Mongoid::EncryptedString

    end ```

  • The field getter returns the unencrypted value: Ruby person = '123456789') person.ssn # => '123456789'

  • The encrypted value is accessible with the "encrypted" attribute ```Ruby person.ssn.encrypted # =>

    It can also be accessed using the hash syntax supported by Mongoid

    person[:ssn] # => ```

  • Finding a model by an encrypted field works automatically (equality only): Ruby Person.where(ssn: '123456789').count() # ssn is encrypted before querying the database

  • The Mongoid uniqueness validator is patched to detect encrypted fields: ```Ruby class Person ... field :ssn, type: Mongoid::EncryptedString validates_uniqueness_of :ssn, case_sensitive: true # Works as expected validates_uniqueness_of :ssn, case_sensitive: false # Raises exception - encrypted field cannot support a case insensitive match end

    Person.create!(name: 'Bill', ssn: '123456789') Person.create!(name: 'Ted', ssn: '123456789') #=> fails with uniqueness error ```

Known Limitations

  • Single cipher for all encrypted fields
  • Currently can encrypt these Mongoid types
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Hash
    • String
    • Time
  • The uniqueness validator for encrypted fields is always case-sensitive. Using it with case-sensitive false raises an exception.

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