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New Maintainer Needed

We are actively seeking a new maintainer for this gem! As we no longer use MongoDB as part of our platform, we aren’t using the gem for ourselves. As MongoDB and Mongoid continually change, we want to make sure our gem keeps up.

If you’re interested, please contact us! Thanks


A library for storing encrypted data in Mongo using Mongoid. We looked at a few alternatives, but wanted something that stored the values securely and unobtrusively.

Mongoid 3 supports custom types that need to only provide a simple interface - allowing us to extend core Ruby types to secure any type while providing a clean interface for developers.

Queries encrypt data before searching the database, so equality matches work automatically.


  • = Ruby 1.9.3

  • = Mongoid 3.0+

  • “Bring your own” encryption, see below


gem 'mongoid-encrypted-fields'


  • Configure the cipher to be used for encrypting field values:

    GibberishCipher can be found in examples - uses the Gibberish gem: Ruby Mongoid::EncryptedFields.cipher =['MY_PASSWORD'], ENV['MY_SALT'])

  • Use encrypted types for fields in your models: ```Ruby class Person include Mongoid::Document

      field :name, type: String
      field :ssn, type: Mongoid::EncryptedString   end   ```
  • The field getter returns the unencrypted value: Ruby person = '123456789') person.ssn # => '123456789'
  • The encrypted value is accessible with the “encrypted” attribute ```Ruby person.ssn.encrypted # =>

    # It can also be accessed using the hash syntax supported by Mongoid person[:ssn] # => ```

  • Finding a model by an encrypted field works automatically (equality only): Ruby Person.where(ssn: '123456789').count() # ssn is encrypted before querying the database
  • The Mongoid uniqueness validator is patched to detect encrypted fields: ```Ruby class Person … field :ssn, type: Mongoid::EncryptedString validates_uniqueness_of :ssn, case_sensitive: true # Works as expected validates_uniqueness_of :ssn, case_sensitive: false # Raises exception - encrypted field cannot support a case insensitive match end

    Person.create!(name: ‘Bill’, ssn: ‘123456789’) Person.create!(name: ‘Ted’, ssn: ‘123456789’) #=> fails with uniqueness error ```

Known Limitations

  • Single cipher for all encrypted fields
  • Currently can encrypt these Mongoid types
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Hash
    • String
    • Time
  • The uniqueness validator for encrypted fields is always case-sensitive. Using it with case-sensitive false raises an exception.

(c) 2012 Koan Health. See LICENSE.txt for further details.