This library is wrapper for the Exiftool command-line application ( written by Phil Harvey. Read and write access is done in a clean OO manner.


An installation of the Exiftool command-line application. Instructions for installation you can find under .


First you need Exiftool (see under Requirements above). Then you can simply install the gem with

gem install mini_exiftool

respectively (on *nix sytems)

sudo gem install mini_exiftool

Alternative you can download the tarball or zip file and run

ruby setup.rb config
ruby setup.rb setup
sudo ruby setup.rb install


The code is also hostet in a git repository on Gitorious at feel free to contribute!


Jan Friedrich <janfri DOT rubyforge AT gmail DOT com>

Copyright / License

Copyright © 2007-2011 by Jan Friedrich

Licensed under terms of the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2.1, February 1999 (see file COPYING for more details)


For further information about using MiniExiftool read the Tutorial and have a look at the examples in directory examples.