MetricsSatellite collects your rails application metrics.
This gem invokes 5 static metrics tools:

  • Brakeman - A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Rails
  • Flay - Analyzes code for structural similarities
  • Guideline - Checks that your code is protecting the rule of coding guideline
  • Hotspots - Identify frequently modified files in a git repository
  • RailsBestPractices - A code metric tool for rails projects


  • Ruby >= 1.9


$ gem install metrics_satellite


MetricsSatellite has 2 features:

  1. Collect today's metrics reports
  2. Post today's metrics summary to GrowthForcast
$ metrics_satellite
Usage: metrics_satellite [options]
        --type=                      (default:       -) 'collect' or 'post'
        --host=                      (default:       -) GrowthForecast host to send report
        --service=                   (default: metrics) GrowthForecast service name
        --section=                   (default: section) GrowthForecast section name
        --git=                       (default:      ./) git repository directory
        --app=                       (default:      ./) application directory
        --reports=                   (default: reports) collected reports directory
        --guideline-abc-complexity=  (default:      15) threshold of ABC complexity
        --guideline-long-line=       (default:      80) threshold of long line
        --guideline-long-method=     (default:      10) threshold of long method
        --hotspots-cutoff=           (default:      10) threshold of change count
        --hotspots-time=             (default:      14) time span of git log target
        --no-brakeman                (default:   false) disable Brakeman
        --no-flay                    (default:   false) disable Flay
        --no-guideline               (default:   false) disable Guideline
        --no-hotspots                (default:   false) disable Hotspots
        --no-rails-best-practices    (default:   false) disable RailsBestPractices


Collect today's metrics reports.
By default, reports are saved in ./reports/ directory.

$ metrics_satellite --type collect


Post today's metrics summary to your GrowthForecast server(collect should be executed before post).
By default, a summary is posted to http://#{host}/api/metrics/section/#{metrics_type}.

$ metrics_satellite --type post --host