A Ruby framework for MediaWiki API manipulation. Features out of the box:





Simple page creation script:

require 'media_wiki'
mw ='http://my-wiki.example/w/api.php')
mw.('RubyBot', 'pa$$w0rd')
mw.create('PageTitle', 'Hello world!', :summary => 'My first page')

Development environment

To compile and test MediaWiki::Gateway locally, Bundler and Ruby 1.9+ are expected.

rvm install 1.9.3-p194
bundle install

This will list the available options:

bundle exec rake -T

To build and install the gem use:

bundle exec rake install

Testing against a live MediaWiki instance

You need to have Docker and mediawiki-testwiki installed.


This gem is no longer in active development. Pull requests that fix bugs or add new features are more than welcome, but asking for new features is unlikely to make them materialize out of thin air.


Loosely maintained by Jani Patokallio and Jens Wille. If you'd be seriously interested in joining as an active maintainer, drop us a line!

Thanks to: * John Carney, Mike Williams, Daniel Heath and the rest of the Lonely Planet Atlas team. * Github users for code contributions, see