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Easy collection display grid with column sorting and pagination.

MagicGrid Live Demo (it's not very pretty. Help?)

Displays a collection (ActiveRelation or Array) wrapped in an html table with server side column sorting, filtering hooks, and search bar. Large collections can be paginated with either the will_paginate gem or kaminari gem if you use them, or a naive Enumerable based paginator (without pager links) if neither is present.

Tables are styled using Themeroller compatible classes, which also don't look too bad with Bootstrap.

Basic Usage

In your Gemfile:

gem 'magic_grid'

In your controller:

@posts = Post.where(:published => true)

In your view:

<%= magic_grid(@posts, [:title, :author]) %>

What you'll get is an table with 2 sortable columns. You'll also get pagination if you have eitehr Keminari or WillPaginate loaded.

You can also do your own row rendering by passing a block:

<%= magic_grid(@posts, [:title, :author, "Actions"]) do |post| %>
    <td><%= link_to(post.title, post) %></td>
    <td><%= link_to(, %></td>
      <%= link_to("Edit", edit_post_path(post)) %> |
      <%= link_to("Delete", post, method: :delete,
                  data: {confirm: "Are you sure?"}) %>
<% end %>

Advanced Options

There are a bunch of extra options that can be passed to the magic_grid helper:


An array of columns to try to generate a search query for. Providing this list tells magic_grid to render a search box in the header of the html table it generates. Make sure to include magic_grid.js in your view or application wide via your application.js or search won't work.


Sets the number of rows per page in the paginator.


Sets a text string to include in the top of the grid's thead to display as a title for the grid.

and more...

There's a.. ahem slight lack of documentation at the moment. Pull requests welcome?


Testing was originally done UnitTest style, with some tarantula to force a bunch of random page renderings. I've since added some RSpec goodness.

To run all the tests, just run rake.


Distributed under the MIT license. See MIT-LICENSE for detail.