Lolita file upload

File upload gem for Lolita.


  • gem install lolita-file-upload
  • include in gemfile like this: gem "lolita-file-upload"
  • cd your_project_path
  • rails g lolita_file_upload:install
  • add lolita_gallery as plugin to config/tinymce.yml configuration.

Install will copy migration to your project. If you update to newest version of gem, than run rails g lolita_file_upload:assets


Gem will not used until any of lolita configuration blocks define tab with type :files. Like this ```ruby class Post include Lolita::Configuration has_many :files, as: :fileable, class_name: 'Lolita::Upload::File'

lolita do tab(:content) tab(:files) end end ```