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A simple yet powerful DSL to generate Excel spreadsheets built on top of axlsx gem.

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Why Lazy Wombat?

Axlsx is awesome and quite complex in usage. Often you need something simple and easy-to-use to generate an excel spreadsheet as easy, as you markup tables with HTML. Now you can.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'lazy-wombat'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install lazy-wombat


Basic sample: no styles, just content

Code do
  spreadsheet do
    row do
      cell 'Cyberdyne Systems'
      cell 'Model 101'
      cell 'The Terminator'
  end 'my_laziness.xlsx'

Or shortened: do
  cell 'Cyberdyne Systems'
  cell 'Model 101'
  cell 'The Terminator' 'my_laziness.xlsx'

will create my_laziness.xlsx spreadsheet looks like this:

Generated spreadsheet

Since spreadsheet elements inheritance is alike spreadsheet -> row -> cell, you can arbitrary omit every unnecessary elder element of your spreadsheets.

Where is my HTML??

Oh yeah, I promised you as you markup tables with HTML: there're logic aliases: spreadsheet is table, row is tr, cell is, of course, td

Thus here's our simplest example: do
  table do
    tr do
      td 'Cyberdyne Systems'
      td 'Model 101'
      td 'The Terminator'
  end 'my_laziness.xlsx'

Additional options: spreadsheet names, rows and cells styles

By default spreadsheets are named as Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc. It can be overwritten using name option. do
  spreadsheet name: 'My Laziness' do
    row style: :bold do
      cell 'Cyberdyne Systems'
      cell 'Model 101', style: :italic
      cell 'The Terminator'
  end 'my_laziness.xlsx'

Generated spreadsheet


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