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A rails image gallery, that's mountable. Works on rails 3.1 at least :) It's still in active development.


To use Imagine in your app, simply add it to your Gemfile. Then, mount it by:

mount Imagine::Engine, :at => "/imagine"

Install the migrations with:

bundle exec rake imagine:install:migrations

And run the migrations with:

bundle exec rake db:migrate

Finally, visit /imagine/albums in your browser to get started.


  • Build the plugin system
  • Build a plugin that ships with core that handles a basic display style
  • Allow a user to choose the default display style at album level
  • Allow a visitor to look at any album with any display style via a param


New album display types are specified in plugins.

Plugins are just gems. There is a plugin shipped with the core project called imagine_basic_list. It should serve as a good template for building your own.

They're just rails engines, that have a bit of configuration logic to let Imagine know that they should be incuded in the template style lists.


I've got this set up to use spork, so just do the following:

In one terminal, do:

bundle exec spork rspec

In another terminal, once that's done, you can:

bundle exec rspec spec


This project uses MIT-LICENSE.


Josh Adams (

Some code (plugin system, .travis.yml) lifted ungraciously from Those guys are awesome.