Clicky Analytics API Library

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A swiss knife ruby wrapper for Clicky Analytics API. For more information see:


ruby ## Gemfile for Rails, Sinatra gem 'getclicky', '~> 0.1.4'


Ruby wrapper

First, you’ll need to set up your site_id and sitekey. You can discover this information by accessing settings in your account at

ruby Getclicky.configure do |config| config.site_id = "your site id here" config.sitekey = "your site key here" config.admin_sitekey = "your admin site key, if applicable" end

Then you can simply instantiate a new Getclicky::Client object.

ruby getclicky =

All types in API are methods here looks, you can find all types

ruby getclicky.pages() getclicky.tweets() getclicky.visitors()

In each method you can pass optional parameters as a hash looks:

ruby getclicky.visitors(:date => "last-7-days", :daily => 1) getclicky.item(:date => "last-7-days", :item => "") getclicky.visitors_list(:domain => "")

You can also request more than one data type in a single request:

ruby getclicky.multiple([:pages, :downloads], {:date => "last-7-days"})

By default clicky API returns an array of Hashies as data, but you can change by providing an :output parameter like:


ruby getclicky.visitors(:output => :json, :date => "last-7-days", :daily => 1)


ruby getclicky.visitors(:output => :xml, :date => "last-7-days", :daily => 1)



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