Generator Spec Build Status

Test Rails generators with RSpec using the standard Rails::Generators::TestCase assertion methods.



ruby group :test do gem "generator_spec" end

Spec (files in spec/lib/generators are recognized as generator type example group):

```ruby # spec/lib/generators/test/test_generator_spec.rb

require “generator_spec”

describe TestGenerator do destination File.expand_path(“../../tmp”, FILE) arguments %w(something)

before(:all) do prepare_destination run_generator end

it “creates a test initializer” do assert_file “config/initializers/test.rb”, “# Initializer” end end ```

An RSpec file matching DSL is also provided, taken with permission from beard by carlhuda.

```ruby describe TestGenerator, “using custom matcher”, type: :generator do destination File.expand_path(“../../tmp”, FILE)

before do prepare_destination run_generator end

specify do destination_root.should have_structure { no_file “test.rb” directory “config” do directory “initializers” do file “test.rb” do contains “# Initializer” end end end directory “db” do directory “migrate” do file “123_create_tests.rb” migration “create_tests” do contains “class TestMigration” end end end } end end ```