Film Buff - A Ruby wrapper for IMDb's JSON API


Film Buff provides a Ruby wrapper for IMDb's JSON API, which is the fastest and easiest way to get information from IMDb.



You can install the latest Film Buff gem using RubyGems

gem install filmbuff


Alternatively you can check out the latest code directly from Github

git clone


Accessible title information is:

  • Title
  • Tagline
  • Plot
  • Runtime
  • Rating
  • Amount of votes
  • Poster URL
  • Genres
  • Release date
  • IMDb ID


Film Buff 0.1.x provides two easy ways to return an object with information on a movie or TV show. First, set up an IMDb instance:

require 'filmbuff'
imdb =

You can then find a movie by its title. This will return the first result from IMDb's search feature:

movie = imdb.find_by_title("The Wizard of Oz")

movie.title => "The Wizard of Oz"
movie.rating => 8.3
movie.genres => ["Adventure", "Comedy", "Family", "Fantasy", "Musical"]

If you know the movie's IMDb ID you can get the information as well:

movie = imdb.find_by_id("tt0032138")

movie.title => "The Wizard of Oz"
movie.rating => 8.3
movie.genres => ["Adventure", "Comedy", "Family", "Fantasy", "Musical"]

To retrieve information in a different language, set the instance variable locale to your wanted locale:

imdb.locale = "de_DE"
movie = imdb.find_by_id("tt0032138")

movie.title => "Das zauberhafte Land"
movie.rating => 8.3
movie.genres => ["Abenteuer", "Komödie", "Familie", "Fantasy", "Musical"]

Supported locales are

  • de_DE (German)
  • en_US (English) (Default)
  • es_ES (Spanish)
  • fr_FR (French)
  • it_IT (Italian)
  • pt_PT (Portuguese)



Fork the project, implement your changes in it's own branch, and send a pull request to me. I'll gladly consider any help or ideas.