Ruby library to access the FastSpring Saasy API.


ruby gem install fastspring-saasy


Setup account credentials

ruby FastSpring::Account.setup do |config| config[:username] = 'user' config[:password] = 'password' config[:company] = 'company' end

Get subscription

ruby sub = FastSpring::Subscription.find('reference')

Renew subscription

ruby sub.renew

Update subscription

ruby attributes = { first_name: 'John', last_name: 'Doe', company: 'Doe Inc.', email: '', phone_number: '+1 123 456 789', product_path: '/product', quantity: 1, tags: 'tag1, tag2, tag3', coupon: 'code', proration: true } sub.update!(attributes)

Cancel subscription

ruby sub.cancel!

Create subscriptions url

ruby FastSpring::Subscription.create_subscription_url('test_product', 'new_co') =>

Search Orders

ruby orders ='search-string') orders.each do |order| puts order.inspect end

Find Order

```ruby order = FastSpring::Order.find(‘reference’) order.items.each do |item| puts item.inspect end

order.payments.each do |payment| puts payment.inspect end

customer details

order.purchaser.inspect ```

Localized Store Pricing

```ruby store_pricing = FastSpring::LocalizedStorePricing.find([‘/standard’], http_request)

puts store_pricing.inspect ```

Copyright (c) 2016 Richard Patching. See LICENSE.txt for further details.