EPUB Parser

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gem install epub-parser  


As a library

require 'epub/parser'

book = EPUB::Parser.parse('book.epub')
book..titles # => Array of EPUB::Publication::Package::Metadata::Title. Main title, subtitle, etc...
book..title # => Title string including all titles
book..creators # => Creators(authors)
book.each_page_on_spine do |page|
  page.media_type # => "application/xhtml+xml"
  page.entry_name # => "OPS/nav.xhtml" entry name in EPUB package(zip archive)
  page.read # => raw content document
  page.content_document.nokogiri # => Nokogiri::XML::Document. The same to Nokogiri.XML(page.read)
  # do something more
  #    :

See document's Home or API Documentation for more info.

epubinfo command-line tool

epubinfo tool extracts and shows the metadata of specified EPUB book.

$ epubinfo ~/Documebts/Books/build_awesome_command_line_applications_in_ruby.epub
Title:              Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for KITAITI MAKOTO)
Identifiers:        978-1-934356-91-3
Titles:             Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for KITAITI MAKOTO)
Languages:          en
Creators:           David Bryant Copeland
Publishers:         The Pragmatic Bookshelf, LLC (338304)
Rights:             Copyright © 2012 Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
Subjects:           Pragmatic Bookshelf
Unique identifier:  978-1-934356-91-3
Epub version:       2.0

See Epubinfo for more info.

epub-open command-line tool

epub-open tool provides interactive shell(IRB) which helps you research about EPUB book.

epub-open path/to/book.epub

IRB starts. self becomes the EPUB book and can access to methods of EPUB.

=> "Title of the book"
=> [Author 1, Author2, ...]
=> #<Set: {"nav"}> # You know that first resource of this book is nav document
nav = resources.first
=> ...
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x15ce350 URI:nav.xhtml>
=> "application/xhtml+xml"
puts nav.read
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:epub="http://www.idpf.org/2007/ops">
=> nil
exit # Enter "exit" when exit the session

See EpubOpen for more info.


  • Ruby 2.0.0 or later
  • patch command to install Nokogiri
  • C compiler to compile Zip/Ruby and Nokogiri

Related Gems

  • gepub - a generic EPUB library for Ruby
  • epubinfo - Extracts metadata information from EPUB files. Supports EPUB2 and EPUB3 formats.
  • ReVIEW - ReVIEW is a easy-to-use digital publishing system for books and ebooks.
  • epzip - epzip is EPUB packing tool. It's just only doing 'zip.' :)
  • eeepub - EeePub is a Ruby ePub generator
  • epub-maker - This library supports making and editing EPUB books based on this EPUB Parser library

If you find other gems, please tell me or request a pull request.



  • Make it possible to parse file system directory an EPUB file. See UnpackedArchive for details.


  • Introduce Nokogumbo for XHTML Content Documents
  • Stop support for Ruby 1.9
  • Remove EPUB.included method. Now including EPUB module empowers nothing of EPUB features. Include EPUB::Book::Features instead.
  • Add EPUB::Searcher::XHTML::Seamless and make it default searcher
  • Add EPUB::Publication::Package::Manifest#each_nav


  • Explicity #close each zip member file that has been opened via #fopen(Thanks xunker!)

  • Don't set encoding when content is not text


  • [Experimental]Add EPUB::Searcher module. See Searcher for details
  • Detect and set character encoding in EPUB::Publication::Package::Item#read

See CHANGELOG for older changelogs and details.


  • EPUB 3.0.1
  • Multiple rootfiles
  • Help features for epub-open tool
  • Vocabulary Association Mechanisms
  • Implementing navigation document and so on
  • Media Overlays
  • Content Document
  • Digital Signature
  • Using SAX on parsing
  • Extracting and organizing common behavior from some classes to modules
  • Abstraction of XML parser(making it possible to use REXML, standard bundled XML library of Ruby)
  • Handle with encodings other than UTF-8


  • Simple inspect for epub-open tool
  • Using zip library instead of unzip command, which has security issue
  • Modify methods around fallback to see bindings element in the package
  • Content Document(only for Navigation Documents)
  • Fixed Layout
  • Vocabulary Association Mechanisms(only for itemref)
  • Archive library abstraction


This library is distribuetd under the term of the MIT License. See MIT-LICENSE file for more info.