CSS3 Progress Bars for Rails

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Josh Sullivan made some very pretty progress bars in CSS3.

I wrote some helper methods for Rails to generate the HTML for the progress bars.

Thought it might be useful.


This gem assumes you're using Rails 3.1+, including the asset pipeline.

Into the Gemfile:

gem 'css3-progress-bar-rails'

Into the application.css header:

*= require 'css3-progress-bar'

In a view:

<%= progress_bar(33, :color => 'blue', :rounded => true) %>  

Also, I have added support for the upcoming Twitter Bootstrap 2 progress bar styling as well. To use:

<%= bootstrap_progress_bar(33, :color => 'info', :striped => true) %>  

View Examples Here


Except where indicated:
Copyright (c) 2012 Nicholas Fine, released under the MIT license.