Chargify API wrapper for Ruby (using ActiveResource)


This is a Ruby wrapper for the Chargify API that leverages ActiveResource. It allows you to interface with the Chargify API using simple ActiveRecord-like syntax, i.e.:

  :customer_reference => 'moklett',
  :product_handle => 'chargify-api-ares-test',
  :credit_card_attributes => {
    :first_name => "Michael",
    :last_name => "Klett",
    :expiration_month => 1,
    :expiration_year => 2010,
    :full_number => "1234-1234-1234-1234"

subscription.credit_card_attributes = {:expiration_year => 2013}


See the samples directory for more usage examples.


This library can be installed as a gem. It is hosted on Gemcutter.

If you don't have your system set up to use gemcutter, follow the instructions on their site, i.e.:

$ gem install gemcutter $ gem tumble

This will install Gemcutter and set your gem sources to search the gemcutter repos.

Then you can install this library as a gem:

$ gem install chargify_api_ares


This library requires ActiveResource version 2.3.4 or greater.

$ gem install activeresource


Simply require this library before you use it:

require 'chargify_api_ares'

If you're using Rails, you could include this gem in your configuration, i.e. in environment.rb

config.gem 'chargify_api_ares'

Now you'll have access to classes the interact with the Chargify API, such as:


Check out the examples in the samples directory. If you're not familiar with how ActiveResource works, you may be interested in some ActiveResource Documentation


  • Michael Klett (Grasshopper Labs and Chargify)
  • The Lab Rats @ Phase Two Labs