This is a rails app built around a ruby gem for testing.


  • merge authorized/controller.rb into authorized/permissive_controller.rb

  • perhaps include authorized/resourceful_controller.rb as well

  • remove hard coded :users from Role model

  • build a full development testing app

  • Too many quirks to keep controllers and views in gem so install them in app with generator.

Required Gem Sources

Required Gems

Other Required

  • current_user method

Installation (as a plugin/engine)

config.gem "ccls-simply_authorized",
  :source => ''

class User

script/generate simply_authorized

Testing (as an app)

rake db:migrate
rake db:fixtures:load
rake test

Gemified with Jeweler

vi Rakefile
rake version:write

rake version:bump:patch
rake version:bump:minor
rake version:bump:major

rake gemspec

rake install
rake release

Copyright © 2010 [Jake Wendt], released under the MIT license