Bumpy bumps your gem's version number. It expects your gem's version number to be contained in a file named ./lib/yourgem/version.rb. Bumpy will parse this file, increase the last part of the contained version number by one, save the file, and create a new git commit (if you're using git).

Bumpy will happily work with whatever version numbering scheme you're using, as long as the last part is a number. For example, it will increase 0.1.8 to 0.1.9, or 1.2.0.pre.245 to 1.2.0.pre.246.


gem install bumpy


From within your gem's source code directory, simply run:


If you want to jump to a specific version number, you can provide it as a parameter:

bumpy 2.0.0

For a complete list of options, run:

bumpy --help

Enjoy. :)

Version history


  • New option: --message (or -m), allowing you to specify the git commit message. You can use "%s" in your message as a placeholder for the new version number (eg. bumpy -m "Released version %s").
  • Compatibility with Ruby 1.8.7. Ahem.
  • Add specs and fixed a bunch of bugs.


  • Initial release.