BOSH OpenStack Registry

Copyright (c) 2009-2012 VMware, Inc.

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bin/migrate [<options>]
    -c, --config FILE  OpenStack Registry configuration file

bin/openstack_registry [<options>]
    -c, --config FILE  OpenStack Registry configuration file


These options are passed to the OpenStack Registry when it is instantiated.

Registry options

These are the options for the Registry HTTP server (by default server is bound to address

  • port (required) Registry port
  • user (required) Registry user (for HTTP Basic authentication)
  • password (required) Registry password (for HTTP Basic authentication)

Database options

These are the options for the database connection where registry will store server properties:

  • database (required) DB connection URI
  • max_connections (required) Maximum size of the connection pool
  • pool_timeout (required) Number of seconds to wait if a connection cannot be acquired before raising an error

OpenStack options

These are the credentials to connect to OpenStack services:

  • auth_url (required) URL of the OpenStack Identity endpoint to connect to
  • username (required) OpenStack user name
  • api_key (required) OpenStack API key
  • tenant (required) OpenStack tenant name
  • region (optional) OpenStack region


This is a sample of an OpenStack Registry configuration file:

loglevel: debug

  port: 25695
  user: admin
  password: admin

  database: "sqlite:///:memory:"
  max_connections: 32
  pool_timeout: 10

  auth_url: ""
  username: foo
  api_key: bar
  tenant: foo