A web application framework for mod_ruby.


  • Michael Granger

  • Dave McCorkhill

  • Martin Chase


  • Aaron Son

  • Ben Bleything

  • Kim Wallmark

  • Mahlon E. Smith

General Information

Arrow is a web application framework for mod_ruby. It was designed to make development of web applications under Apache easier and more fun without sacrificing the power of being able to access the native Apache API.

Online Docs

We're working on a manual which will provide more comprehensive instructions and an in-depth tutorial. You can view it at:

We'd be happy to hear your suggestions, bug reports, or complaints.



(Non-Standard) Ruby Library Dependencies

If you use RubyGems, appropriate versions will be installed by the gem's dependencies. Otherwise, you'll need to build and install these by hand:

  • ruby-cache >= 0.3.0

  • formvalidator >= 0.1.4

  • pluginfactory >= 1.0.4

Installing From Source

If you wish to install Arrow as a conventional library from the source:

$ rake install

The install task will check for dependencies, install the libraries, and then offer some advice about how to configure your server.



:include: LICENSE

See the LICENSE file included with the distribution for licensing details.