A gem for automating the creation of EC2 Instance Store AMIs


gem install ami

or add to your Gemfile

source ""

gem "ami", "~> 1.2.0"


ami-create <AMI class name>

Creates an AMI using the specified AMI template e.g.

ami-create PreciseBasic

AMIs are expected to be found in ./ami/

For an exmaple of what an AMI template looks like see: PreciseBasic template

You will also require a config file to provide all the credentials and other information necessary to create your AMI, this can be located in either ~/.ami/config.json or ./ami/config.json

For an example of the values see: example config.json

Planned Features


  • Provide more concise output options so that progress is easier to monitor without terminal spam
  • Provide some basic tools to aid in composing various installers such that the same installer isn't run unnecessarily if its dependencies are already met


MIT, see LICENSE file