This acts_as extension provides the capabilities for creating a nice url based on an attribute of the current object. You can set / unset the object id in front of the URL and choose the object attribute to use to generate the URL.


In your Rails app root, use the following command-line :

cd vendor/plugins hg clone bitbucket.org/Bounga/acts_as_nice_url/ or install it system-wide :

$ sudo gem install acts_as_nice_url and require it in Rails::Initializer (environment.rb) :

config.gem 'acts_as_nice_url'


In your model :

class Player < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_nice_url :id => false, :title => :full_name end then in your views :

link_to(:controller => :players, :action => :show, :id => @player)



**Use id only in some case**

If you want to use the **id only** in the generated URL, you have to fill the id parameter with the id only, not the full object :

link_to(:controller => :players, :action => :show, :id => @player.id)


player_path(@player.id) Other

For more information see [Project homepage](www.bitbucket.org/Bounga/acts_as_nice_url/)

Problems, comments, and suggestions are welcome on the [ticket system](www.bitbucket.org/Bounga/acts_as_nice_url/issues/new/)

Copyright © 2008 Nicolas Cavigneaux, released under the MIT license