Method: ActionDispatch::Integration::RequestHelpers#get

Defined in:

#get(path, parameters = nil, headers_or_env = nil) ⇒ Object

Performs a GET request with the given parameters.

  • path: The URI (as a String) on which you want to perform a GET request.

  • parameters: The HTTP parameters that you want to pass. This may be nil, a Hash, or a String that is appropriately encoded (application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data).

  • headers_or_env: Additional headers to pass, as a Hash. The headers will be merged into the Rack env hash.

This method returns a Response object, which one can use to inspect the details of the response. Furthermore, if this method was called from an ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest object, then that object's @response instance variable will point to the same response object.

You can also perform POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETE, and HEAD requests with #post, #patch, #put, #delete, and #head.

# File 'lib/action_dispatch/testing/integration.rb', line 31

def get(path, parameters = nil, headers_or_env = nil)
  process :get, path, parameters, headers_or_env